Oscars: The Ticking Clock for Five Men that the Academy Hasn’t Nominated…Yet

Welcome to Oscar Week!  It’s been 51 weeks of speculation, analyzing, and attempting relentlessly to “crack the code,” one category at a time.  This week, we’ll be bringing the final Oscar Circuit articles that break down each individual category (you can see the one’s you missed by clicking on the TAG “Oscar Circuit 2016“).  Along with that, we have some great thought pieces on the history of the Academy, and things we wish to happen along the way in the future.

We’re beginning with a look at five male actors we can’t believe still haven’t received an Oscar nomination yet.  This is a list that can literally have about 100 different people on it.  In this case, I’ll be focusing on actors that need to be addressed sooner rather than later in regards to age, opportunity, or the amount in which they actually work.

Tomorrow, we’ll tackle the ladies:

donaldsutherlandhawkeye5. Donald Sutherland

“MASH” (1970), “Ordinary People” (1980), “Pride & Prejudice” (2005)

At the tender age of 80 years old, the father of the great Kiefer Sutherland has worked consistently for over forty-five years.  As we live in this new world where the Oscar pundits and community live freely on the internet, the hammer hasn’t dropped from anyone making declarations that the great Donald Sutherland is overdue (see 2010 and Christopher Plummer for an example).  With great dedication to the craft, we’ve often overlooked his technique and how great he truly is, even in seemingly popcorn flair like the “The Hunger Games” series.  He’s currently starring alongside his son in the western “Forsaken,” which debuted at Toronto last year.