Box Office Report: “Deadpool” holds onto the top spot outgrossing all X-Men movies in 2 weeks


(FEBRUARY 19 – FEBRUARY 21, 2016 actuals)
Last Weekend

  1. Deadpool (Week 2) – $56,460,167
  2. Kung Fu Panda 3 (Week 4) – $12,516,601
  3. Risen (Opening) – $11,801,271
  4. The Witch (Opening) – $8,800,230
  5. How To Be Single (Week 2) – $8,202,430
  6. Race (Opening) – $7,353,922
  7. Zoolander 2 (Week 2) – $5,455,344
  8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Week 10) – $3,907,295
  9. The Revenant (Week 9) – $3,866,741
  10. Hail, Caesar! (Week 3) – $2,745,705


  • Deadpool drops 57.4%, typical for a film that opens like it did, and has grossed $236M so far which is, remarkably, more than any X-Men film (not adjusted). Yeah, even Days of Future Past. Still a ways to go to challenge the franchise worldwide, but it’s made an admirable $493M so far.
  • Kung Fu Panda 3 drops 36.6% and has made $117M so far and $294M worldwide. However, the franchise best be weary about a fourth, or at least spending less on it.
  • It was Biblical vs. Satanic with the new releases this week, of course the more accessible religious one Risen wins. It’s actually the 7th highest faith-based film opening, not bad.
  • Whereas The Witch edges out Risen in the theater average by $300. The dialogue makes it a hard sell but releasing in 1800 theaters means it’s made its mark already on its $1M budget and $1M acquisition price tag. See modern horror, you can make a great film for cheap without looking cheap and turn a modest profit.
  • How To Be Single drops 54.1% and has made $31M so far.
  • Race, the least subtle title of 2016, had the highest CinemaScore but couldn’t compete with the genre films. Should end up around $20M anyway.
  • Zoolander 2′s marketing feels like a weird ‘did it actually happen’ dream. It’s quietly slipped to 7th on its second weekend, dropping 60.6%. It’s made just $23M so far.
  • I wonder how long Star Wars: The Force Awakens will linger on the top 10 for. Probably another 3 weeks depending on what’s coming out. It dropped the same as Panda, 36.6%, and it’s made $921M so far and $2.040B worldwide. We’ll see where it ends up. Probably around $940M and $2.1B.
  • The Revenant has another 2 weekends to enjoy its victory lap, destined to pick up at least 4 Oscars including for Leo. It dropped 40.7% and it’s made $165M so far, $30M over its budget. It’s made $381M worldwide, which puts it double over its budget.
  • Hail, Caesar! is pretty lucky to spend a third weekend in the top 10. It dropped 57.1% and has made $26M and $31M worldwide. That’s twice as much as Inside Llewyn Davis’ $13M, but it’s in over twice as many theaters.


  • In other news, something pretty historic happened that didn’t make America’s top 10. Chinese film The Mermaid, which opened to $985k in the US which is an impressive $28k theater average, grossed $419M in China in the past week. That even surpasses Star Wars in the US. Crazy.
  • Oscar nominee and foreign language contender and Shane’s favourite of the year Embrace of the Serpent opens to 3 theaters with a theater average of nearly $17k. Solid.
  • The Lady in the Van is more popular than you think. Sony doubled its screens and it made $1.5M. Maggie Smith doesn’t need the Oscar nom to rake it in.
  • Oscars next weekend so lets check in on the other 7 Best Picture nominees. In descending order, and excluding The Revenant, The Martian has made $228M domestically and $620M worldwide on a $108M budget.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road made $153M domestically and $377M worldwide on a $150M budget.
  • Bridge of Spies made $72M domestically and $164M worldwide on a $40M budget.
  • The Big Short made $67M domestically and $121M worldwide on a $28M budget.
  • Spotlight made $38M domestically and $57M worldwide.
  • Brooklyn made $35M domestically and $48M worldwide.
  • Room made $12M domestically and $19M worldwide. That’s an average of $96M domestically and $223M worldwide. Helps that The Revenant and The Martian have pretty much exactly $1B between them.


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