Historical Circuit: Top 35 Dance Sequences in Film, Vol. 2

12. “Steerage Dance” – Titanic (1997)

People forget Leonardo DiCaprio danced his heart out in third-class before the Titanic hit that iceberg. Director James Cameron may romanticize the community and unity of the third-class passenger – they’re poor but it’s one big party! – but the mix of languages and musical styles presents this world as closer-knit than anything Rose (Kate Winslet) is used to. Look at DiCaprio’s face when Jack (DiCaprio) and Rose challenge each other via dance – Rose is full of surprises. And, can I just say how many middle-school dances ended in tears with people trying to recreate the famous “Titanic spin” – if that’s not the official term I’m calling it! – that usually saw people doing the same thing Rose did, letting go of their partner. Many a skinned knee on the gym floor the year this came out!