Historical Circuit: Top 35 Dance Sequences in Film, Vol. 2

7. “Super Freak” – Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Unlike the beauty pageant in Drop Dead Gorgeous, Olive’s (Abigail Breslin) routine in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant potently attacks the market of sexualizing little girls under the guise of providing them with opportunities. The various girls flirt with the much older MC, keeping the sexuality an unspoken ritual for inclusion. Olive’s dance – an innocent mimicking of a striptease – directly confronts what the pageant circuit buries under the veneer of glitz and poise. The parents are horrified at Olive’s confrontation of these sexual mores but, to her, there’s nothing sexual in the dance itself. What brings it all together is her family jumping on-stage to dance with her – proving she’s not “a loser” as she’d feared and finally bringing them all together as a family.