Historical Circuit: Top 35 Dance Sequences in Film, Vol. 2

4. “Finale” – Center Stage (2000)

If you saw my classic-era dance list you’ll know my number one moment was a ballet. Well, Center Stage is the Red Shoes (1948) of the modern era for me. The final performance of the film lets beautiful underdog Jodie Sawyer (Amanda Schull) shine. Essentially a vanity project for the show’s choreographer to exorcise his own demons about being dumped by a prima ballerina, the ballet tells the tale of a boring guy and a reckless rebel fighting over the heart of a young girl…to a soundtrack that includes Michael Jackson and, making another appearance, Jamiroquai. Jodie gets her own red toeshoes in a great callback to The Red Shoes, and do you know of any other balletic depiction of sex? I know I don’t.