Digital Circuit: SNL and Honest Trailers send up Jennifer Lawrence


Welcome to Digital Circuit! A new roundup of the funniest TV and film related viral videos to hit the internet this week. Every Friday, we’ll collect some of the most interesting and talk-worthy videos for you to find, all in one place.

Let’s check out some of the highlights:

After a critical miss with Jonah Hill’s hosting from 2 weeks ago, Saturday Night Live came back with audiences pleasantly surprised by Ariana Grande. Of course, it’s a political skit with Kate McKinnon that took off the most as she parodies a Hillary Clinton ad where she literally turns into Bernie Sanders in an attempt to win over the millenials. Not as great as last time’s Racists for Trump ad though.

Everyone was delightfully impressed by Ariana Grande’s impersonations of celebrities on last week’s SNL and the impression that got singled out the most was Jennifer Lawrence on Family Feud, even though her first couple of lines sound kind of Irish. Kenan’s retort “how annoyingly relatable” seems to sum up the public’s feelings on JLaw just a few years after she blew up.

Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence and getting tired of her early-2010s output, Screen Junkies did their final Honest Trailer for The Hunger Games series and well, they’re running out of steam just as much as the franchise ran out of steam. They don’t hide that though as it becomes part of the joke by the end of the video.

One devoted fan of both Dire Straits and movies has an insane idea called the ‘Walk of Life Project’ where they edit in the goofy intro to Straits’ 1985 song ‘Walk Of Life’ to the end of popular movies. Cheery endings get a little more bubblegum (see Mad Max: Fury Road) and self-serious endings like The Matrix, seen above, get a little silly. It’s hard to tell whether they’ve tweeked the edit of the film too but sometimes the cues, like Neo putting the phone down or putting his sunglasses on, are perfectly timed.