Digital Circuit: DiCaprio reveals his personal nickname for J-Lo on ‘Late Late Show’ and a Honest Trailer for ‘The Revenant’

Welcome to Digital Circuit! A roundup of the funniest TV and film related viral videos to hit the internet this week. Every Friday, we’ll collect some of the most interesting and talk-worthy videos for you to find, all in one place.

Let’s check out some of the highlights:

As John Oliver takes a break for Easter for his Last Week Tonight show on HBO, they released a web exclusive to tide fans over. This sketch is about YouTube conspiracy theories and of course, since it’s on YouTube, he makes the sketch a conspiracy theory around the mysterious connection between Cadbury Creme Eggs and the Illuminati.

The Revenant hits home screens and surprisingly looks even better than it did in the theaters when it’s in sharp HD, but Honest Trailers doesn’t have time to give Alejandro and the gang anymore praise. This is candy for Revenant haters as they point out its tedium and try-hardness, but the best part is pointing out how you won’t understand Tom Hardy’s powerhouse performance. “Pelts!”

Leonardo DiCaprio continues the post-Oscar internet lashing as The Revenant gets the How It Should Have Ended treatment. It points out the one loose end of the plot – no, not what happened to Will Poulter trapped in a jail cell with the people who vouched for his freedom scalped or lost – but the now orphaned bear cubs.

The most talked about video of the week is certainly pretty much the only part of James Corden’s The Late Late Show that everyone knows about, Carpool Karaoke. This week he has Jennifer Lopez in the front seat and we bring back Leonardo DiCaprio as Corden sends him a text through Lopez’ phone and he reveals his adorable nickname for her.