Gael García Bernal Will be Zorro in Jonás Cuarón’s ‘Z’

Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael García Bernal will play the iconic role of Zorro in Jonás Cuarón‘s modern take on the character in “Z,” it was announced today.

Deadline, the first to report the news, says that the film is “set in the near future” and “re-imagines the classic legend based on the beloved masked swashbuckler.”

Back in February it was announced that Cuarón, co-writer of “Gravity” and director of “Desierto,” had signed on to write and direct the film. Lantica Media and Sobini Films, the producers of the film, originally announced the news.

Mark Amin of Sobini Films says of the casting announcement, “I have always loved Gael for this role. Zorro is a hero who is charming, witty and clever. Gael possesses all those characteristics and he’s able to deliver them with a modern spin to introduce the Zorro character to a new audience.” García Bernal  is known for his role in the Amazon series “Mozart in the Jungle,” as well as the films “The Motorcycle Diaries” and “Babel.”

The film is slated for production this summer in the Dominican Republic.

This is not the first time in recent years Hollywood has attempted to bring the masked swordsman back to the big screen. Fox attempted a post-apocalyptic version of Zorro’s tale, which was also supposed to star García Bernal . That project has yet to materialize.

The Zorro character has seen 11 screen adaptations in the last 90-plus years in the US alone. Mexico and Europe have also made films starring the iconic character. In addition to this reboot, Sony is reportedly planning a “Django Unchained” and Zorro crossover film, as well as a “Dark Knight”-style version with a new background for the character.

Zorro was most recently played by Antonio Banderas in 1998’s “The Mask of Zorro” and its 2005 sequel, “The Legend of Zorro.”