Top 10: Best Modern Love Stories Since 2000

Love comes in a great many forms. I’m not breaking any new ground here, but it’s still true. Just like in real life, film has depicted love in just about every permutation. From love at first sight to unrequited love, from platonic love between friends to the love shared between a pet and it’s owner, it’s everywhere. Pretty much since cinema has existed, love stories have been told. Today, however, I’m going to be looking at MODERN love stories, and specifically the ten best released since the year 2000. It was a heavy task, to say the least, as not only are there tons of high quality love stories out there, there’s also plenty that break your heart in addition to or instead of welling it up with joy. I began with about 50 movies I thought were strong enough to be in play and worked from there, trying to whittle things down to the top ten. What I eventually found is that a happy ending isn’t necessarily required, and perhaps that says something about our reality. When half of marriages end in divorce, odds favor those great romances of your life mostly ending in a parting of the ways. Much of my ten will reflect that, but also how those events can really enhance the love that was, or in many cases, is still there. In short, don’t expect an abundance of Nicholas Sparks. I’m digging deeper than that.

Before we get to those titles, I do want to give a special citation to The Lobster, which hits this week and more or less is the inspiration/tie in to this piece. The Lobster is a very unique love story, but it is one nonetheless. Yorgos Lanthimos‘ look at a future where single people are required by law to find a partner or suffer a very odd consequence is a brilliant metaphor for how dating apps and modern amenities have made finding love such an impersonal affair.

Click through the gallery to see what I feel to be the top ten modern love stories since the year 2000: