TV Recap: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 206 – “Sicut Cervus”


This episode opens on a church in Mexico where a priest riles up his parishioners and tells them to stop the evil. As the service ends and the people file out, Thomas Abigail (whom we met a couple of episodes ago and is played by Dougray Scott) drives up in a truck and tells the priest to stop what he’s doing. The priest says, “You’re protecting her,” and Thomas says, “I’m protecting you.” Then the parishioners start bleeding from their eyes and falling dead while Thomas looks on in horror. The priest says, “Celia. It was her.”

And that was when I thought to myself, “Is this show actually going to start getting interesting now?”

On board the Abigail, Travis talks to Chris, who wants to know why everyone is mad at him. When Travis explains that Madison told him that Reed wasn’t sick before Chris shot him, Chris gets really upset and thinks Madison is against him. Travis says that Madison is just worried about him.

Strand and Madison talk about the fact that they are approaching some time of Mexican military craft. Luis plans to make payment arrangement with the officers. I must have missed something, because when Luis leaves the wheelhouse to go take the Zodiac over to the military flotilla, Madison asks Strand, “How do you say ‘asshole’ in Spanish?” He says, “You don’t. You grin and take it.”

Luis comes back as they realize the military officers are getting ready to board the Abigail. Everyone who isn’t Strand or Luis hides down below. Daniel translates what the officers are saying. Essentially, Strand and Luis try to pay the officers for safe passage, the officers say that it’s an awfully big boat for just two people and they want to search it, and then there are gun shots. When everyone rushes upstairs, Madison asks Strand what happened. Strand says, “Someone said ‘asshole’ in Spanish.” Oh the writing on this show is just so clever!

Nick asks about Luis and then they find him out on the deck, wounded. The military officers still on the flotilla start shooting at the Abigail, so everyone ducks down and Daniel goes around stabbing the dead officers in the head so they won’t turn. When he comes to Luis, who is still alive, Luis asks him not to stab him in the head and then asks Ofelia to give a coin to his mother. Ofelia stops Daniel from stabbing Luis in the head, but then Daniel throws the coin into the water. Luis whispers in Nick’s ear over and over, “Madre.”

Madison astutely observes, “They’ve stopped shooting.” Strand says, “They think whatever’s on land will kill us.”

So the crew of the Abigail arrives at this tiny town in Baja. They discover the dead churchgoers and Strand sees the truck. He yells, “Thomas!” and runs off in search of Thomas while a bunch of infected appear and attack the rest of the survivors, but not before the have time to methodically select their weapons.

Daniel has no qualms about stabbing the priest right through the eyes, but when he is attacked by a little altar boy, he has a flashback to holding his hand around the throat of a different little boy years ago. Ofelia helps out her father by stabbing the altar boy in the head.

Madison is attacked and Chris sees it happen but does nothing. Luckily, Alicia steps in and helps her mother.

The crew jumps into Thomas’s truck and rides the rest of the way to their destination, arriving at a heavily fortified mansion on a vineyard that seems to have electricity. There are workers in the fields, and a very large house.

A woman comes to greet them. Strand says, “Celia, tell me he’s here.” Uh oh. Celia?

She asks about Luis, so Strand explains that they were attacked by the military and “he’s one of them now.” Celia says, “He’ll find his way back.” Remember when Hershel thought that too? That didn’t end so well.

A woman in all white that works for Celia collects everyone’s weapons. Daniel wants to keep his but she basically says nope.

Strand goes to find Thomas, who sits in a chair coughing and has a bloody bandage on his arm to make it obvious that he was bitten at some point. Strand apologizes and Thomas says, “I waited for you.” Strand gets emotional and starts to act human for the first time. And then he helps Thomas into bed, but not until after we get a close up of the bandaged bite wound on Thomas’s arm, in case we missed it before.


Alicia is watching an old movie recorded on TV when Chris comes in. He asks if she’s mad and she basically says, yeah, I’m mad because you pretty much almost killed my mom. Chris says he wouldn’t have done that and Alicia chooses that moment to run off to tell on him, but Chris says, “You can’t say anything.” When Alicia asks, “What if I do?” Chris says, “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Nick finds Celia in the kitchen, and she is obviously meant to be taken very seriously because she keeps calling him Nicholas. Dinner is apparently not for hours, so Celia makes Nick a snack and they talk. Nick tells her that Luis was talking about her at the end. Then Celia says, “You have a heavy smile.” Nick says he’s sick of all the killing and Celia says that the dead have always walked amongst us, but the difference is now we can see them.

Madison comes in and says, “That’s a big difference.” Celia and Madison have what is supposed to be a tense conversation about Nick. Madison says he’s fragile and Celia says he’s enlightened.

Daniel is outside at some kind of altar. Celia finds him. He tells her he’s sorry for her loss and she says not to be, and that because Luis wasn’t shot in the head, everything is fine.

Strand and Thomas hang out in bed. Strand is reading and they are talking and Madison comes in with some food and meets Thomas. He asks Madison to promise to look after Strand when he’s gone. Madison says, “He won’t make it easy,” and Thomas says, “Which is why I’m asking you.”

Ofelia finds Daniel to let him know dinner is ready, but Daniel says he isn’t hungry. They talk a little about Ofelia’s mother. He tells Ofelia to go eat and she asks what she should tell everyone else and Daniel says, “Tell them I’m tired.” I love how they make a mundane conversation seem so vital…

Later, Alicia is sitting on the couch watching the TV again and Madison comes in and asks if she’s going to bed. Then Madison tells some story about her watching TV when she was a kid and Alicia says she was afraid her parents wouldn’t come home. Then Madison asks what Alicia’s afraid of now. Because the zombie apocalypse apparently isn’t enough.

Then Madison rushes into the bedroom and demands to know what Travis and Chris talked about on the boat. Madison explains that Chris didn’t help her back at the church and also that he threatened Alicia to keep her quiet. Travis says that Madison shouldn’t worry about Chris because of all the times he (Travis) helped her out with Nick. Because that’s totally the same thing. So they argue and then Madison says she’s going to go and sleep in Alicia’s room tonight and Travis says he’ll share a room with Chris.

Strand and Thomas talk. It’s near the end for Thomas, who says he can’t sleep. Strand says, “This world was never good enough for you. Let it go.” Thomas cries and says, “I don’t want to leave you.” Strand says, “I could go with you,” but Thomas says no. Then Strand says Celia will watch over them.

Outside, Daniel sees someone put a whining puppy down a shaft and then you can hear it yelping.

Also outside, Nick and Ofelia go for a walk to the altar where Daniel and Celia talked earlier. Nick says, “I should have known. A woman says come to me and doesn’t tell you where you’re going, she’s taking you to Jesus.” Ofelia says she needs to talk to her mother. So she does talk to her mother and Nick looks up above the altar and sees a carving of an owl in a tree. The face makes him flash back to the start of the apocalypse when he found his girlfriend Gloria eating a guy’s face.

Daniel follows the kid who shoved the puppy down the shaft and finds him talking to someone. He asks the kid to introduce him to whomever he’s talking to and so the kid opens a door to let Daniel talk to the person on the other side of the gate. Which turns out to be a whole bunch of infected trapped in a sort of jail cell. We really need to get Celia and Hershel together!

Daniel goes to confront Celia, who explains that they are all related to people who have worked at her farm for years. She says they were being hunted. She is putting together a serving tray and places a platter with two communion wafers on it. Daniel realizes that she poisoned the people at the church and she basically says he needs to make peace with death. Because it’s really no big deal.

Celia washes Thomas and sings a song. Strand says it’s lovely and she says she used to sing it to him as a little boy. Then she tells Strand that she never thought he was good enough for Thomas. But now she’s proud of him. He asks her, “How long will it take?” She says, “Not long.”

Nick finds Celia outside on the patio. They talk about Madison worrying about him and he says he’s given her plenty of reasons. then he asks Celia, “They’re not really dead, are they?” She says no and he asks what they are and she says, “They are what comes next.” Such a pleasant thought.

fear-the-walking-dead-episode-206-strand-domingo-3-935Back inside, Thomas takes his last breath and Strand cries and kisses his cheek. He looks over at the communion wafers and then crosses to the door.

While Travis is asleep, Chris gets up and leaves their room.

Strand locks his bedroom door and goes back to the communion wafers.

Chris goes into Alicia and Madison’s room and whispers “Alicia.” They don’t move, so he picks up a knife from the nightstand and then they hear gunshots. Alicia and Madison wake up and see Chris and their genius reaction is to yell at Chris to get out!

Strand holds a gun and sits beside Thomas, who has a pillow over his head that has a gunshot in the middle of it.

So that’s the episode. What did you think? Was it just me or was it almost kind of interesting this week?

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