Warren Beatty’s ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ Gets Awards Season Release, More Plot Details

In a move that is completely unsurprising, Warren Beatty’s film vehicle “Rules Don’t Apply” about eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes has been given an awards season release date of Nov. 11.

The film is the first time back in the director’s chair for Beatty since 1998’s “Bullworth,” and it is his first time in front of the camera since 2001’s “Town & Country.” Beatty also wrote and produced “Rules Don’t Apply,” which he stars in as Hughes. The film also features an all-star cast, with screen veterans Ed Harris, Martin Sheen, Candice Bergen, Alec Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, Steve Coogan and Annette Bening acting alongside Beatty. Up-and-coming stars Lily Collins (“Mirror, Mirror”), Haley Bennett (“Hardcore Henry”) and Alden Ehrenreich (“Hail, Caesar!” and the upcoming Han Solo spinoff) star in the film as well.

Per IMDB, the film tells the story of an affair Howard Hughes had in the late years of his life with a younger woman. The film is being toted as an “unconventional love story set in 1958.”

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Beatty explains that, despite earlier reports, the film is not a Hughes biopic, à la 2004’s “The Aviator.” According to the interview, the film is actually more of “a romance between two younger Tinseltown characters [Collins and Ehrenreich] with Hughes looming ever-present in the background.”

According to Beatty, the project has been several years in the works. He said of the long gesticulating project, “I’ve had the idea of making a movie about Howard Hughes in mind for a long time. We never met, but I sometimes feel like I knew everybody who knew Howard and I never lost my curiosity about him. It’s just that I don’t run around doing movies all the time.”

Entertainment Weekly was the first to report the news of the title and release date for the film. The article details the filming process, Beatty’s absence from the industry and more. The outlet also posted exclusive pictures from the film, which can be viewed here.