Top 10: Best Comic Book Movies So Far

Without question, superheroes generally dominate the pages of comic books. That being said, the epic struggles of good versus evil are hardly limited to those who wear capes or masks. In fact, comics can often eschew that sort of storyline entirely, focusing on something decidedly more human. It’s an evolved medium that sometimes isn’t given the respect it deserves. With X-Men: Apocalypse opening this week, we’ve got another top ten to share with you, this one focused on some cinematic cousins of that new release.  For the most part, I’m not too educated on the source material of the titles I’m discussing, so I’ll be looking at the final products that came to the silver screen. Obviously, transferring the look or feel of a comic faithfully doesn’t hurt, but I mainly set out to find the very best movies made from comic books to date. The combined method of not just looking at accurate transitions helped to widen the scope of things, as was trying to look beyond just superhero offerings.

Below you’ll see the list that I’ve come up with for the ten best movies based on comic books to date. This is hardly meant to be a complete one, as I’m fairly certain that at least two or three of the omissions will be deemed huge snubs by some. Still, I do think it’s a compelling cross section of adaptations from comics. While you wait for X-Men: Apocalypse to hit theaters in a few days, occupy yourself with this list and revisit any of the ten that I’ve decided to honor. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you opt to choose.

Mild spoiler warnings for those, but by and large you won’t have anything of note ruined.