“Apocalypse” lays waste to “Alice” in Memorial Day Showdown

(MAY 27 – MAY 29, 2016 estimates) (4-Day Weekend in Italics)

  1. X-Men: Apocalypse (Opening) – $65,300,000 ($80,000,000)
  2. Alice Through the Looking Glass (Opening) – $26,997,000 ($34,174,000)
  3. The Angry Birds Movie (Week 2) – $18,750,000 ($24,600,000)
  4. Captain America: Civil War (Week 4) – $15,379,000 ($19,717,000)
  5. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (Week 2) – $9,274,440 ($11,443,600)
  6. The Jungle Book (Week 7) – $7,111,000 ($9,235,000)
  7. The Nice Guys (Week 2) – $6,515,000 ($8,145,000)
  8. Money Monster (Week 3) – $4,350,000 ($5,550,000)
  9. Love & Friendship (Week 3) – $2,496,000 ($3,115,031)
  10. Zootopia (Week 12) – $821,000 ($1,133,000)


  • The winner of Memorial Day weekend was the latest X-Men installment, X-Men: Apocalypse. The latest superhero film grossed $80 million for the four day weekend, which narrowly made the top 10 four day Memorial day weekends, right behind 2003’s Bruce Almighty. The $65,300,000 three day weekend was stronger than X-Men: First Class, which grossed $55,101,604 on its opening weekend, but far behind the Memorial Day opening weekends for X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past, which grossed $122 million and $110 million, respectively. Bad reviews will hurt the film going forward and it will struggle to get past $175 million domestic. Overseas is a different story, however. The film has already reached $265 million worldwide and will no doubt pass $500 million worldwide by the end of its run. It’s not a slam dunk hit, but it’s far from a flop thanks to overseas money.
  • zvdd769gzdiikvuoczvnThe same could not be said for Alice Through the Looking Glass, which experienced a 76% drop off from its predecessor’s opening weekend of $116 million. The original Alice in Wonderland went on to gross $334 million domestic and over one billion dollars worldwide. With a $99 million worldwide opening weekend, the poorly reviewed sequel will struggle to get to $250 million worldwide, only one fourth of the original’s worldwide gross. Abuse allegations against star Johnny Depp, bad reviews and the 3D craze having died down all converged at once to spell doom for the sequel. It’s coincidental that the film’s Memorial Day weekend fell slightly below that of Sex and the City 2, another maligned sequel that couldn’t cross the $100 million mark. The film should drop heavily until it is decimated by the upcoming Finding Dory. With hit after hit this year, Disney shouldn’t worry about the flop this poses.
  • With Alice Through the Looking Glass taking up a good amount of the family audience, The Angry Birds Movie had a 50% drop, which was not as terrible as it could have been, but isn’t a strong sign of longevity. With a domestic gross of $72 million and worldwide gross of $229 million so far, the film is on track for a final domestic gross of around $115 – $120 million and around $350 million worldwide. This is a fairly strong showing for a risky property that was at once thought to be doomed for failure. Wonder which apps might get a movie next?
  • After joining the billion dollar club last week, Captain America: Civil War increased its domestic total to $377 million, surpassing Deadpool to become the number one movie of 2016. Its worldwide total currently stands at $1.1 billion dollars, which makes it the fifteenth biggest worldwide film, right behind Skyfall. It will easily make it past Skyfall, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Minions. However, the true test will be if the film can cross $1.2 billion and pass Iron Man 3 to be in the top 10 worldwide grossers.
  • Things didn’t get better for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising in its second weekend, as the film dropped 57% over the three day weekend. While this isn’t as extreme as the 66% drop Ted 2 had, it was the steepest drop of the top 10. This isn’t a good sign that the film will be able to pass $60 million domestic.
  • While Disney may have missed with Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book continues its stellar run, dropping only 35% in its seventh weekend. This brings its domestic total to a fantastic $340 million and its global total to $879 million. There are three weeks until Finding Dory comes out in theaters and the film drops off. The film doesn’t look like it will pass one billion dollars, but crossing the $900 million worldwide mark is quite a feat nonetheless.
  • Shane Black’s The Nice Guys had a solid enough hold this Memorial Day, dropping only 41% in its second weekend despite two new blockbusters opening. The film’s total has been brought to $23 million. The movie could near $35-$40 million for a solid opening weekend multiplier, but that won’t be able to cover the film’s $50 million production costs.
  • The Jodie Foster directed thriller Money Monster did solid Memorial Day business, dropping only 38% to bring its total to $35 million. The film should be able to cross the $40 million dollar threshold in the next few weekends. While not a game changing amount, it is solid for the mid-budget thriller.
  • The holiday weekend proved to be a great time for Whit Stillman’s Love & Friendship to expand to 493 theaters. Grossing $3.1 million over the four day weekend, the film was able to achieve a per theater average of $6,319. The film’s total currently stands at $4.1 million. Not only should the film easily be able to trump Barcelona’s $7.2 million gross, but it will also be able to pass $10 million. For a independent costume drama, this is a fantastic achievement. The film could go much higher even if it chooses to continue to expand to wide release.
  • After thirteen weekends in the top 10, we may have seen the last of Zootopia, which had its first weekend gross below $1 million dollar. The film’s performance has been astounding, as its domestic gross has ballooned to $336 million and worldwide the total is $991 million. The film’s dreams of crossing a billion dollars should come soon enough.


  • 1441298093028The Lobster had an impressive third weekend expansion into 116 theaters, netting a 86% boost to a $725,092 three day weekend gross and a $942,707 four day weekend gross. With a total standing at $1.7 million, the film would be wise to expand quickly, much like Love & Friendship did, in order to capitalize on buzz. While the $8,127 per theater average for the expanded weekend is strong, the film won’t be able to withstand a wide release if it does not expand soon.
  • Susan Sarandon’s new film, The Meddler, experienced its first week of decline, dropping 33% to $520,829 on the three day weekend. The domestic total has passed the $3 million mark as well. While the drop isn’t severe, it does see the film has reached the ceiling of growth.
  • A Bigger Splash made a big move, adding 250 theaters for a 378 theater count. The gamble, unfortunately, did not pan out well, as the film only added $403,000 over the three day frame and $530,000 over the four day frame. It’s total stands at $1.4 million, and won’t really push past any more milestones. The $1,066 per theater average for the three day weekend is not encouraging for any more expansion plans.
  • A number of wide release films fled from theaters this week, experiencing hefty drops. The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Mother’s Day and The Boss all lost a majority of their theaters and dropped 72%, 80% and 71% respectively. Each of these films aren’t going to really add much more to their domestic totals.
  • Both Weiner and Maggie’s Plan both had solid, if unspectacular second weekends. The films expanded to 27 and 19 theaters respectively and grossed over $100,000 each. Weiner had a slightly better per theater average for the three day weekend ($6,110) than Maggie’s Plan ($5,474). If either of them move into more theaters, they will experience another drop in per theater average, which could hamper the films’ grosses, which may not pass $1 million dollars.