TV: 10 Shows We Hope Aren’t Ignored by the Emmys

  1. Horace and Pete

horace-and-peteLouis C.K. has been a mainstay with Emmy voters for the past decade, with FX’s “Louie” quickly becoming known as one of the best shows on television over the past five years. With a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” type deal with FX, C.K. wished to try his hand at more series work, and succeeded with the excellent tragedy “Horace and Pete.” The series has an insanely good cast, featuring Alan Alda, C.K., Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, and Jessica Lange. It also had incredibly strong guest performances, with Laurie Metcalf delivering an 8 minute monologue that is one of TV’s best moments of the 2015-2016 Emmy season. However, what may hold back the show is the fact the series was released exclusively through C.K.’s site, leaving many questioning how many voters will actually watch the series.