Streaming Circuit: Action Movies for the 4th of July


It’s July and that means new movies and TV shows are coming to various streaming services. With so much content available, we’re running down some of the things you should check out on the various Streaming platforms this weekend. With it being the 4th of July weekend, I’m focusing on some of the ridiculous and action packed movies you can check out.


Lethal Weapon

  1. The Lethal Weapon

Two of the most iconic action/comedy franchises of the 80s, both the “Lethal Weapon” and “Beverly Hills Cop” franchises made their way to Netflix today. For the uninitiated, “Lethal Weapon” stars Mel Gibson (before the various controversies) and the always delightful Danny Glover as the buddy cop duo of Riggs and Murtaugh. The movies were action mainstays of the 80s, and Shane Black penned the original (also has a story credit on 2). Perhaps the Best Buddy cop franchise, all four movies are up on Netflix.

  1. Beverly Hills Cop

Another action comedy series from the 80s, “Beverly Hills Cop” continued the rise of the transcendent Eddie Murphy. If you want to see peak Murphy, he might not be better than he was here. Fresh off of SNL, Murphy took on a role that defined his career as Detective Axel Foley. He’s so good in these movies, Disney put his character’s signature jacket in the Great Movie Ride.


  1. Back to the Future

I think you might be catching on to a theme at this point, but how could I possibly skip over “Back to the Future.” Hill Valley fever swept the nation last October when Marty McFly finally made it to the future. I think it might sweep the nation again now that all three films are available to stream. If the franchise doesn’t satisfy your Doc and Marty cravings, check out “Back in Time,” a documentary about the culture impact the franchise has had on thousands of people. With interviews with the cast and crew, it’s definitely a great conclusion to aBack to the Future” marathon.

  1. Bad Boys 2

Look, this is not a quality pick at all. If you want high quality, see the above two. However, if you’re looking for nonsense action with the funny combo of Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and big explosions directed by Michael Bay, this is your film. Do you want context heading into this film? Too bad. Netflix only uploaded the 2nd installment in the franchise. I think that speaks volumes.

The Fundamentals of Caring
The Fundamentals of Caring
  1. Prestige Movies

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging on solid Oscar films. July brings Best Picture winners “The Sting,” and “Gladiator” to the streaming service, as well as Best Picture nominees “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” The Big Short” (July 6th), and “Working Girl” (the sassy sister film to “Die Hard”). You can also check potential Golden Globe nominee Paul Rudd in “The Fundamentals of Caring,” which debuted last week. The film was a standout at Sundance, and is currently sitting at a 78% on RT (audience score 83%). It’s a solid indie comedy in the same vein of “The Way Way Back” or “Little Miss Sunshine.


Dirty Harry

1. Dirty Harry 

An iconic role for Clint Eastwood was born when he entered the “Dirty Harry” franchise. The film remains a classic thriller and action film to this day, and spawned a 5 film franchise. Eastwood plays San Fransisco cop Harry Callahan, a man hell-bent on finding a serial killer in his city. The film is heavily influenced by the Zodiac Killer case, and still hold up today. If you’ve never seen the film, this one of the must watch films of the 1970s.

2. The Bourne Ultimatium

In case you aren’t caught up with Jason Bourne, check out the 3rd installment of the franchise on HBO. The film was extremely well received when it debuted, and ended up winning 3 Oscars. On top of that, it added veteran actors Albert FinneyScott Glenn, and David Strathairn to the franchise. Probably the strongest entry in the series by a long shot, who doesn’t want to see Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass at the absolute top of their game.


3. The Night Of

It’s fun to get into a hit show early, and trust me, “The Night Of” has hit written all over it. The first episode doesn’t air on TV for another two weeks, but is already available to stream on the HBO Go and Now apps. The series follows Riz Ahmed as a young man in New York City trying to get to a party. He borrows his Dad’s car and picks up a fairly destructive/drug using girl. However, the two share some sweet moments before he passes out. When he wakes up, she’s been murdered and the story unfolds. The series also stars John Tutturro, Bill Camp, and a slew of character actors. I really do expect it to make waves, so jump on board now.

Amazon Prime Video


1. Kill Bill Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Quentin Tarantino was finally able to make the Samurai movie he’d been building toward for over a decade. The action films originally debuted at the Cannes Film Festival as a single film, but while we wait for “The Whole Bloody Affair” to release, this will have to do.  Both of the films have really solid fight sequences, and are probably the most violent films on the list. While they are in the bottom rung of my Tarantino rankings, they remain as popular as ever (with rumors of 3rd entry coming).

48 Hours

2. 48 Hours

Speaking of great Eddie Murphy action comedies, here’s another film that helped spawn his career. Combining Murphy with Nick Nolte was an excellent choice for the studio, and it paid off in spades. The movie remains another classic film of the 1980s, and Murphy was even nominated for a Golden Globe (in the now defunct New Star of the Year category).

3. Star Trek

Another franchise that is seeing a new entry this summer, you can catch up on the old “Star Trek” films dating back to the 1970s. With 6 films available to stream, you can get your “Star Trek” fix, and then some. One of the iconic sci-fi franchises, the films remain as popular today as they were when they debuted. The best of the bunch is still “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” so make sure you check it out as soon as possible.

Here’s hoping you have an excellent 4th of July weekend, and with so many films available, make sure you spend time with your friends and families as well!