WATCH: New “Snowden” trailer from SDCC

While Oliver Stone and “Snowden” might not be the first things to spring to mind when I say Comic Con, a new trailer for the film premiered there. The film follows the story of controversial figure Edward Snowden, who leaked classified information from the NSA. Snowden’s actions have been labeled as a hero by some, and a traitor by others. His story has already been been told in cinema, with the impressive documentary “Citizen Four” taking home an Oscar. Snowden’s appeal as a hacker icon, especially in the digital age, has made him an infamous. There’s a fair argument that the attendees of the San Diego Comic Con might be some of his strongest supporters. The film, directed by Stone, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, and Tom Wilkinson.

With that in mind, Open Road released its latest trailer at SDCC. The trailer takes a more focused view on Snowden than previous trailers. I think its a pretty big improvement on the last trailer released, and does a solid job of making Snowden’s story cinematic. The inclusion of “The Saints Come Marching In” is an interesting choice for music, but ultimately does its job. Perhaps the best aspect of the trailer is the focus on Levitt’s performance, as well as expanding on Woodley’s presence in the film.

There are also meaty roles for Oscar winner Melissa Leo and fan favorite, Rhys Ifans as well. The cast also includes Zachary QuintoLogan Marshall GreenTimothy Olyphant, and even Nicholas Cage. The film has such a deep bench, it could be a strong contender come awards season, especially with SAG. The presence of such talented actors makes sense of course. Oliver Stone, directing a film about a controversial figure seems like a dream project. Snowden’s image as a lightning rod for controversy certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Are you excited for “Snowden?” Will it be a return to form for Stone? Or JGL’s first Oscar nominations? Let us know in the comments!