Venice Film Festival: ‘ARRIVAL’ Arrives to Strong Reviews and Another Bid for Amy Adams


As our own Mark Johnson heads to Telluride, the Venice Film Festival keeps chugging along.  Denis Villeneuve‘s latest sci-fi linguistic drama, Arrival,  premiered today.  Amy Adams has two big movies coming out this awards season: Nocturnal Animals and Arrival, with the latter premiering at Venice to positive reviews/buzz.  Could Arrival be this year’s prestige sci-fi movie directed by a respected indie filmmaker that finally crosses over into Oscarland?  We shall see, but early word sounds like we need to make space in the already crowded Best Actress and Best Director races, as well as techs.

Check out the reactions down below and look at the newest Oscar Predictions and see where Arrival ranks!


Clayton currently has Arrival at #9 in Best Picture, #8 in Best Director (Denis Villeneuve), and #12 in Best Actress (Amy Adams).

What do you guys think?  Will Arrival be an Oscar player?