Women in Cinema: 10 Terrible Movie Moms

There are a lot of moms in the movies. There are great movie moms and terrible movie moms and some that are just sort of there in the background without a lot to do.

This summer we’ve seen some interesting examples of motherhood. From the appropriately titled Bad Moms to this weekend’s less obvious release The Light Between Oceans, there have been quite a few moms in recent movies.

So, this week, we’re taking a look at 10 terrible movie moms. From the funny to the darkly sinister and evil, these moms are just not right. This is by no means a comprehensive list. I didn’t include such popular choices as Norma Bates, because she never actually appears in Psycho. And there are others that didn’t quite make the cut either. These are just a few of my personal favorite bad moms, and with a little bit of why they are just so awful.