Box Office: ‘Magnificent Seven’ Holds Off ‘Storks’ for Top Spot

(SEPTEMBER 23 – SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 estimates)

  1. “The Magnificent Seven” (Opening) – $35,000,000
  2. “Storks” (Opening) – $21,805,000
  3. “Sully” (Week 3) – $13,830,000
  4. “Bridget Jones’s Baby” (Week 2) – $4,520,000
  5. “Snowden” (Week 2) – $4,144,989
  6. “Blair Witch” (Week 2) – $3,950,000
  7. “Don’t Breathe” (Week 5) – $3,800,000
  8. “Suicide Squad” (Week 8) – $3,110,000
  9. “When the Bough Breaks” (Week 3) – $2,500,000
  10. “Kubo and the Two Strings” (Week 6) – $1,103,000


  • Movie stars do sell tickets. The tried and true movie star Denzel Washington teamed up with current star Chris Pratt to tackle, of all genres, the western, which has had box office troubles for decades now. Still, the pair, with a healthy supporting cast, were able to dominate the box office in “The Magnificent Seven” with $35 million. That opening beats recent westerns “True Grit,” “Django Unchained” and “The Lone Ranger.” As the first two were Christmas Oscar hopefuls, “Magnificent Seven” won’t rise to their final tallies. However, a final gross between $90 – $100 million seems reasonable. With a $90 million production budget, it will have to gross that much too in order to get near to breaking even.
  • storksbarFamily audiences did not turn out in droves to “Storks.” The latest offering from Warner Animation Group, the studio behind “The Lego Movie,” fell behind other mid-level animation titles such as “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and “Mr. Peabody and Sherman.” What could save the film is the lack of competition coming up. The next animated family film to open is “Trolls” in early November. With only a $70 million production budget, the film has a chance to rack up solid family business throughout October, due to the lack of competition.
  • While “Sully” may have dropped from the top spot, the film is still doing great business. With only a 36 percent drop, the film’s domestic total currently stands at $92 million. Worldwide the total is at $126 million. The film is pacing much better than Hanks’ last hit “Captain Phillips.” It should sail past the $100 million mark domestically next weekend and may even make it to $150 million once all is said and done. This is not too shabby for a film that cost just $60 million.
  • Among last week’s underperforming lot, the rom-com sequel “Bridget Jones’s Baby” fared the best, which isn’t saying too much. The film dropped 47 percent in its second weekend, which is much more substantial than either of the previous films. Its domestic total stands at a paltry $16 million. The silver lining lies on other shores, as foreign grosses have given the film an $83 million worldwide cume.
  • Oliver Stone’s latest film “Snowden” finds itself in a similar situation domestically. The film dropped 48 percent in its second weekend, bringing its total to $15 million domestic. The $40 million budgeted film doesn’t seem to strike a chord with the general moviegoer and will finish even below Stone’s previous political flop “W.”
  • The only thing scarier than the “Blair Witch” is what the bad reviews have done to it. Poor critical response and terrible audience ratings sank the film in its second weekend. The film dropped 58 percent in its second weekend, scaring up only $16 million total. At this rate, it doesn’t have the stamina to come close to even the ill-fated sequel “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.” This is just further proof that repurposing a brand name isn’t enough to get people to the theaters. The movie has to deliver the goods as well.
  • Elsewhere on the horror front, “Don’t Breathe achieved the smallest drop of the top 10. Currently in its fifth weekend, the scarer saw a 32 percent dip in business, bringing its domestic total to a very healthy $81 million. The news only gets better once one factors in foreign grosses for a worldwide total of $120 million. Sony seems to have struck gold with the film, which only cost a mere $9.9 million.
  • The DC superhero flick “Suicide Squad” also saw a similarly small drop. The film lost another third of its business in its eighth week in theaters. This brought its domestic total to $318 million and worldwide total to $731 million. Despite an early critical drubbing, the film is showing signs of resilience over the past few weeks. While $800 million might be a little too much to hope for, the film will definitely make a play for it.
  • The thriller “When the Bough Breaks” continued its steep fall at the box office. The film dropped 54 percent in its third weekend. This was particularly concerning following a similarly precipitous drop the previous weekend. With this sort of trajectory, the film will be out of the top 10 by next weekend. Its domestic total currently stands at $26 million. Considering the film only cost $10 million, that is not a terrible sum.
  • Despite losing a healthy chunk of its audience to “Storks,” Laika’s “Kubo and the Two Strings” managed to hold onto a spot in the top 10. The film was dealt quite a blow with new family competition as it experienced a 56 percent drop. This brings the film’s domestic total to $45 million and worldwide total to $58 million. Despite glowing reviews, the film has not been able to find an area where it has caught on. This will make it difficult for the film to get out of the red, considering it cost $60 million to make.


  • Queen of KatweDisney had a soft open for their latest inspirational film “Queen of Katwe” before the film’s wide expansion next week. Mira Nair’s film was released this week in just 52 theaters where it was able to gross $305,000. This produced a per-theater average of $5,865. While that’s a solid enough number for an opening in 52 theaters, it is a little low compared to the amount of pomp and circumstance Disney has pumped into the film. Still, perhaps the film’s inspirational message will resonate with a wider audience come next week.
  • Broad Green Pictures tried to drum up buzz for Oscar winner Kate Winslet’s latest film “The Dressmaker.” The film, which was already a hit in Australia, where it was set, received a cool response, similar to “Queen of Katwe.” Opening in 36 theaters, the film managed to only collect $180,000 in tickets. This nets out to a per-theater average of $5,015. Despite having a big movie star front and center, that does not guarantee a large expansion plan for the film. It will have to show solid growth off this soft opening in the coming weeks to earn a significant expansion.

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