Top 10 Tuesdays: Greatest Mark Wahlberg Performances


In honor of Mark Wahlberg‘s newest action extravaganza, Deepwater Horizon,” it’s only appropriate to coincide the release with a complete list of the actor’s greatest performances. Here goes…

1. Sean Dingham in “The Departed”


What better way to argue Wahlberg’s best performance than with factual evidence? Despite the disadvantage of acting alongside the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson, Wahlberg was the only actor from the Oscar-winning film to receive an Academy Award nomination. Wondrously foul-mouthed and hard-boiled, Wahlberg’s Staff Sergeant Dingham wrestled control of the spotlight from characters with bigger plot stakes. By the end of Scorsese’s gangster masterpiece, Wahlberg had audiences cheering with his no-nonsense pursuit of appropriate justice. Given all the betrayal that came before, it was poetic watching Wahlberg’s Dingham salivate his moment of vengeful triumph. As an actor, Wahlberg finally proved his chops were as impressive as his bad-assery.