Top 10: Best Ben Affleck Performances


In honor of Ben Affleck‘s upcoming thriller “The Accountant,” it felt only right to boost Affleck’s confidence going into the weekend by listing his 10 greatest performances. Here goes!

1. Tom Mendez in “Argo”



It would be so easy for Affleck to flagrantly display bravado and American patriotism. After all, this intense thriller about 1979-1981’s Iranian hostage crisis emphasizes the global clout of American pop culture. Terrio’s screenplay may be self-aggrandizing, but Affleck takes a shockingly subtle turn as CIA exfiltration specialist Tom Mendez. Rather than call attention to his heroism, Affleck maneuvers like a silent assassin who skillfully and gracefully carries out his mission. Affleck’s tabloid and washed-out celebrity status was instantly forgotten after his third directorial effort earned him a Best Picture Oscar. However, it was the beautiful restraint he demonstrated playing Mendez that forever silenced his harshest skeptics.