Awards Circuit Halloween Madness Sweet Sixteen Voting Opens!

Welcome back to the Awards Circuit Halloween Madness Sweet Sixteen! So far we’ve had a handful of big films go down, but the best films continue to push through. In the past two rounds, many films got crushed by superior competition, but with only 16 teams left, the competition is heating up. All the 1 and 2 seeds are still alive, but there are also a combined five 11 and 12 seeds still at the table. Without further ado, here are the polls. Vote for your favorites!

Sweet Sixteen Match-ups


The Carpenter Division

The Lugosi Division

The Hitchcock Division

The Craven Division


What do you think? Who are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below, and spread the word on social media! 

The Sweet Sixteen voting will close on Oct. 16! The Elite Eight will open on Oct. 17!