Halloween Madness Semi-Final Results and Finals!

Hello readers! With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to decide once and for all who will be our 2016 Halloween Madness champion. We started with over 60 films, the readers voted in four that went deep into the tournament (a particular hat tip to “The Sixth Sense“) and here we are at the close of the tournament. Before we officially announce our finalists, we have to look at our Halloween Madness Semi-Final results!


Halloween Madness Semi-Final Results

First up, the Carpenter Division Champion, “Halloween,” went up against Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, “The Shining. While “Halloween” put up a good fight, it was not enough to outlast “The Shining,” which took the day 59% to 41%. This was the first time that the Kubrick-directed film even let a film get more than 30% of the vote, so “Halloween” certainly outmatched the other films that faced off against “The Shining.” Still, with such a dominant path to the final, will “The Shining” be challenged at all?

To decide who faces “The Shining,” there was a match-up between two other horror favorites. The film that had a tougher road to the Final Four was certainly “The Exorcist,” which had to push through “Alien,” “Jaws” and “The Birds” to get here. However, it had another film by Alfred Hitchcock in its way to get to the finals. “Psycho” emerged victorious from the Hitchcock division, defeating fan favorites “Scream” and “Se7en” to get here. For the third round in a row, we’ve had a nail-biter decided by a single vote. For the second round in a row, “The Exorcist” is the beneficiary of this last vote, 50.4% to 49.6%.


Finals of Halloween Madness

With such a hard fought match-up on both sides of the bracket, this brings us to our final match-up. Both “The Exorcist” and “The Shining” are among the scariest films ever, and continue to hold a strong place in pop culture. The two are among the greatest horror films ever made, so the finals will be tough regardless.

With that in mind, it’s time to open up the voting! Let us hear which film is your champion!


What do you think? Who are you voting for in our final? Let us hear your allegiance in the comments below! 

We will announce the results of the Halloween Madness tournament on Halloween. Voting will be open until Oct. 31.