Top 10: Greatest Amy Adams Performances


Amy Adams graces us with double vision in the upcoming months in the forms of “Arrival” and “Nocturnal Animals.” Since the former releases this Friday, it’s only fitting to unveil a “Top 10” article dedicated to her career. Here is the complete list of Amy Adams’ 10 greatest performances.

1. Princess Giselle in “Enchanted”


All of Adams’ greatest qualities as an actor are vibrantly exhibited in this live-action Disney fairy tale. Naively fixated on an ideal “Happily Ever After,” Adams imbues Giselle with glowing warmth and irresistible optimism. Everyone is as delighted to encounter Giselle as she is meeting them, including the swooning viewing audience. What Adams unearths as Giselle is the realization that women can find true happiness without adhering to historical gender guidelines. Giselle is less aloof than meets the eye, progressively deconstructing a problematic Disney trope long past expiration. Yet, the greatest reveal of all is that Adams is a radiant star whose light never dims.