Holiday Top 10: Best Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving is always the holiday that gets the short shift. Directly following Halloween, stores start putting up Christmas decorations. Even in the movies, people usually see scary movies for Halloween and then Christmas movies for the holiday season. When looking at what Thanksgiving-specific movies were out there, I got scared I might have to write about “Jack and Jill.” Thankfully we were able to rustle up a strong crop of films that have notable Thanksgiving moments. After all, there are few things more prone to conflict than a large family sitting down at a table together for a meal.

Click through the gallery and feel free to comment with your favorites:

10. “Scent of a Woman” (1992)

big_1435268365_imageA prep school student (Chris O’Donnell) agrees to look after a blind veteran (Al Pacino) in order to earn some much needed money. What he expects is an easy, quiet weekend. What he gets is a trip gallivanting around New York City. The film has quite a bit of “hoo-haw” in it. It’s overly schmaltzy with broad performances and even broader lessons. Still, in the end, it is held together by Al Pacino, back in the day when the classic actor could do no wrong. Sure, his Oscar-winning performance is far from his best. With a career that includes “The Godfather,” “Dog Day Afternoon” and “Scarface,” it is hard to have a performance reach those heights. But it is still an effective and entertaining performance that coasts on his immense talents. Besides, who wouldn’t want Al Pacino at their Thanksgiving table.