Holiday Top 10: Best Thanksgiving Movies


8. “You’ve Got Mail” (1998)

this-is-a-credit-card-machineBack when rom coms were in fashion, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were the gold standard couple. Even when they shared all of one scene in “Sleepless in Seattle,” audiences knew they were the real deal. In “You’ve Got Mail,” Ryan is a small book store owner and Hanks is a corporate businessman trying to shut her down. Little do they know that they are each other’s online dating counterpart. This strange symbiotic relationship these two adversaries have is perfectly encapsulated in a hilarious scene revolving around the greatest of New York sports, Thanksgiving shopping. There are few things more stressful than shopping for that perfect turkey and having to battle the other people in the store for it. Despite their initial hatred for each other, they bond over the incredibly stressful task of finding that perfect turkey.