Holiday Top 10: Best Thanksgiving Movies


6. “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” (1973)

urlThere’s a Charlie Brown classic for every holiday. Be it the Great Pumpkin for Halloween, the droopy Christmas tree for Christmas, or even a very special Superbowl episode. The same is true for Thanksgiving, which sees the gang throw their own Thanksgiving dinner. Each character gets plenty of moments to shine. One could definitely imagine Peppermint Patty being the ultimate dinner crasher. Plus, it is impossible to not be charmed by Snoopy. As we discovered last year with “The Peanuts Movie,” Charles Schultz’s characters are still as popular as ever. It is remarkable to see characters endure for over 75 years, especially when they don’t have any superhero capes in sight. It’s easy to see this special remaining as a Thanksgiving perennial for many decades to come.