Holiday Top 10: Best Thanksgiving Movies

5. “Rocky” (1976)

rockyThere’s nothing to be more thankful for than love. If you haven’t found love, never count out Thanksgiving. The Best Picture-winning “Rocky” might be most famous for its training montage and end fight. However, the beating heart of the film belongs to the love story between persistent fighter Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) and the shy Adrian (Talia Shire). Their burgeoning love begins around Thanksgiving. While the film might not be one’s first choice on Thanksgiving, it’s a perfect reminder of how hard work pays off. One can be thankful for all the elements in their life that allows them to strive for greatness. Maybe this time, on your hundredth watch of the classic film, concentrate on the love story at the center and see how that informs Rocky’s decisions.