Academy Idol X Top 11: Composer’s Week!

Welcome back to Academy Idol X! This week we’re looking at the Top 12 and cutting another film. Without further ado, here are our results from the Top 12.

Results for Top 12

Our top 5 vote-getting films from this round were “Manchester By the Sea,” “Arrival,” “Moonlight,” “La La Land” and “Nocturnal Animals.” Our next five are “Jackie,” “Hell or High Water,” “The Jungle Book,” “Loving” and “Silence.” This leaves us with a final 2 of “Zootopia” and “Fences.” Our eliminated film from Academy Idol’s Top 12 is….”Fences.” While “Fences” may not be in play for Academy Idol, it’s still very much in play with the Academy, with many acting nominations in play for the film.

Top 11: Composers

Now that our top 11 is set, let’s look at some of the composers for films left in the fray. Three of our remaining films, “Manchester By the Sea,” “Silence” and “Arrival,” may have already been disqualified from Oscar, but they remain some of the best scores of the year. Jóhann Jóhannsson continues his hot streak with the ambient noise-filled score for “Arrival.” “Manchester By the Sea” used many classical pieces, but Lesley Barber‘s original compositions are still spectacular. Kathryn Kluge and Kim Allen Kluge‘s minimalist score adds levels to “Silence” that make the film one of Scorsese’s best. For three disqualified scores, there’s a lot to like. Nocturnal Animals

For those still in the race, there’s a tough run to win the Oscar. Abel Korzeniowski‘s haunting score in “Nocturnal Animals” continues to be a fan favorite. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis craft an exquisite score that perfectly encapsulates the tone of “Hell or High Water.” David WingoNicholas BrittellMichael Giacchino and John Debney are all extremely effective in their films as well. It’s an excellent crop of films to choose from, so vote for your favorites below!

Who did you vote for? Let us hear in the comments below!

Voting for the Academy Idol Top 11 closes on Jan. 4. Voting for Academy Idol Top 10 will open on Jan. 5.