Academy Idol X Top 7 Voting Opens: Guilds Week!


Welcome back to the Academy Idol X as we get ready to announce our Top 7! We’ll have last week’s results, as well as voting for week 7 opening. Below we’ve got the results and voting for the Academy Idol X Top 7.

Top 8 Results

Michael Shannon

Our safe films this week are: “Arrival,” “Manchester By the Sea,” “Moonlight,” “Nocturnal Animals” and “Silence.” This puts us in the bottom 3. Our bottom 3 of the week are “Hell or High Water,” “Jungle Book,” and “La La Land.” Both “La La Land” and “Jungle Book” have been in the bottom 3 before, but “Hell or High Water” is making its first appearance in the bottom. Unfortunately, it will be “Hell or High Water’s” only appearance in the bottom 3, because it is the film going home this week. The Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster and Chris Pine led film remains a fan favorite for Oscar. This leaves us with seven films in competition.

Academy Idol X Top 7

This week we’re using the Guilds as our guide for voting. Most of the guilds weighed in over the last few days. “La La Land” is the only film that made the cut with the CAS. “Silence,” and “The Jungle Book,” both scored with the Visual Effects Society, with “The Jungle Book” popping up in several categories. “Arrival,” “La La Land,” “Manchester By the Sea” and “Moonlight” all picked up PGA noms. The ASC rewarded the brilliant work in “Arrival,” “La La Land,” “Moonlight” and “Silence.” Finally, the Make-up Artists rewarded “La La Land,” “Manchester By the Sea” and “Nocturnal Animals.”

All seven of our remaining films have shown up with the guilds.  It’s about to get extremely tight in the race, so this is the last week where readers get more than one vote. This week you’ll get two votes in the round, so be wise with where you put your votes!

What do you think? Which films are you voting for? Let us know in the comments below! 

Academy Idol X Top 7 voting closes on Jan. 14. Voting for Top 6 will open on Jan. 16!