Academy Idol X Top 5: Oscar Nominations!

National Society of Film Critics

Hello all, welcome back to Academy Idol X! This week we’re going over the Top 6 results, and begin voting on the Top 5. With only a few weeks left before the Oscars, we’re on pace to crown our champion. It’s time to get to results of last week, and start up voting on the Academy Idol X Top 5.

Results from the Top 6

Best Visual Effects

Now that we’re down to the final 6, the race is becoming tighter than ever. This left us with a top 3 and bottom 3. Our top 3 films were: “Arrival,” “Silence” and “Manchester by the Sea.” This leaves us with a very tough bottom 3 of “Moonlight,” “The Jungle Book,” and “Nocturnal Animals.” It’s been an extremely tight race so far this year, but one film has consistently kept afloat since our top 13. However, luck ran out for “The Jungle Book” this week after finishing in last place.

Academy Idol X Top 5 Opens for Voting

With another film eliminated, we’re left with only five films remaining. In honor of Oscar nomination week, we’re using the Oscars as our theme for this round. “Arrival” and “Moonlight” both had extremely strong showings with Oscar, picking up eight nominations each. “Arrival” had the biggest snub between the two, with star Amy Adams missing out for what many thought would be her sixth nomination. The film still performed extremely well, picking up Picture, Cinematography, Editing, and of course, Denis Villeneuve in Director.

“Moonlight” had an excellent day as well. In addition to a Best Picture nomination and two acting nominations, Barry Jenkins became the first African-American to be nominated in both writing and directing in the same year. It also picked up nominations in Editing, Cinematography and Nicholas Brittel‘s amazing Score.

“Manchester by the Sea” had a very strong day on Oscar nomination morning, picking up six nominations, including Picture. Jenkins wasn’t the only writer to crash the writing branch, with Kenneth Lonergan picking up both nominations as well. “Manchester” also scored three acting nominations for Michelle WilliamsLucas Hedges, and frontrunner Casey Affleck.

Unfortunately for Focus Features, “Nocturnal Animals” had a weaker day than some expected. Considering the bi-polar reaction to the film, it was easily one of the most love/hate films of the year. This proved to be a problem on Oscar morning, with a solo nomination going to Michael Shannon‘s incredible work in the film. Even Golden Globe winner Aaron Taylor-Johnson went home without a nomination.

Finally, “Silence” ran into a buzzsaw with the Oscars, and came away with a single nomination for Cinematography. The film is beautifully shot by Rodrigo Prieto, but the lack of a Best Picture nomination, or even Best Director for Martin Scorsese, was baffling to many. Even so, the film still has its supporters, so keep an eye on it to make noise at both ACCA and here in Academy Idol.

What do you think? Was it time for “Jungle Book” to head home? Which films in our Top 5 will you vote for? Let us know in the comments below!

Academy Idol X Top 5 voting will end on Jan. 29. Voting for the Top 4 will begin on Jan. 31.