Academy Idol Top 4: Directors Week!


Hello readers! This week on Academy Idol, we eliminated another film and drop down to our top 4. It’s been an incredibly tight race to this point, so keep the votes coming in! First we’ll go over the results of the Top 5, before opening up voting on Academy Idol Top 4: Directors Week!

Academy Idol Top 5 Results

Michael ShannonNow that we’re in the top 5, we’re moving to a top 2, bottom 3 format. First, our safe films from the Top 5 are “Arrival” and “Silence.” Neither of the films has been in the bottom 2 the entire competition, so this seems par for the course. This leaves us with a bottom 3 of “Manchester by the Sea,” “Moonlight” and “Nocturnal Animals.” All three have made appearances in our bottom 3, but one will be going home this week. That film will be “Nocturnal Animals.”

The film did not have a strong Oscar showing, and considering the round was “Oscar nominations,” the elimination makes sense. However, don’t count Supporting Actor nominee Michael Shannon out at Oscar.  After all, he got in without many precursors, so the support must be strong. On the flip side, “Manchester by the Sea” has shown to be vulnerable this season. Are they among our next films to head home? Let’s open up our next round of voting to find out.

Academy Idol Top 4: Directors Week

With the top 4 films remaining, we’re left with four excellent directors. “Silence” is the latest masterpiece from Martin Scorsese, one of the greatest living directors in film history. Kenneth Lonergan directs a humanist tale in “Manchester by the Sea,” that chronicles how grief and tragedy can weigh on a person. “Moonlight” is helmed masterfully by Barry Jenkins, who delivers a gripping and harrowing tale of a gay black boy growing up in Miami. Finally, “Arrival” brings heart and social critique to the forefront in Denis Villeneuve‘s sci-fi masterpiece.

What do you think? Which films will be in the final 3? Let us hear in the comments below! 

The Top 4 voting will conclude on Feb. 5. Academy Idol X Top 3 will open on Feb. 7.