Academy Idol X: Finals! ‘Arrival’ vs. ‘Moonlight’

Welcome back to Academy Idol X, where the readers pick their favorite film in an elimination style tournament. This year, we’ve seen a favorites like “La La Land” finish in 7th, and “Manchester by the Sea” finish 4th. However, we’re down to our final two this week. First we have to reveal which film is going home from the Top 3. Then, it is time we discuss the Academy Idol X: Finals!

Top 3 Results

For those unaware of our top 3, voters were left with “Arrival,” “Moonlight” and “Silence” as their remaining 3 in competition. Given the best performance criteria, two films ran away with this category, leaving a wide gap between our finalists and our film heading home. Unfortunately for the master Martin Scorsese, his film’s time has come. “Silence” had an excellent run through Academy Idol, but the Cinderella story was not to be. It’s still an excellent film; check out Clayton’s rave review of the film here.

Academy Idol X: Finals! “Arrival” vs. “Moonlight”

Now we’re down to our final two films, and both took very different paths to get here. “Arrival” never finished in the bottom of a single round the entire tournament, and maintains its momentum. “Moonlight” finished in the bottom 3 twice, but then came storming back in the last two rounds to prove how much support it has in the Awards Circuit community.

ACCA has already spoken on these films as well. “Arrival” set a new ACCA record with seven runners-up finishes, but only took home one prize. “Moonlight” took home two ACCA prizes, including Best Cast Ensemble and Best Supporting Actor for Mahershala Ali. However, it also finished runner-up for Best Picture. This will certainly be a tight race, and considering an aggregated score of the Staff Top 10 (hat tip to Ryan) placed “Moonlight” at No. 2, “Arrival” at No. 4, the staff is certainly happy with the final as well. Good luck voters!

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Who will join previous Academy Idol winners “Carol” (2015), “Whiplash” (2014), or “Her” (2013)? Let us know in the comments below! 

Academy Idol X: Finals will close on Feb. 26. We’ll announce the winner before the Oscars on Feb. 26!