‘Cars 3’ Races to a Box Office Victory


“Cars 3” lapped the field to take the top spot at the box office this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.

The Pixar sequel “Cars 3” opened to an estimated $53.5 million at the box office, marking a successful yet low cume for the company. This is the lowest summer opening for Pixar outside of “Ratatouille,” as well as a step back from previous franchise entries “Cars” and “Cars 2“. No one at Pixar is bemoaning this, but it does hammer home how this particular property is as much meant for toys as anything else. Reviews were solid, though ours here at the site was more mixed.

All Eyez On Me” picked up the “Straight Outta Compton” mantle and ran with it this weekend. It did so to the tune of about a $27 million haul, impressively. Critics weren’t kind, but audience seem to be digging it. Don’t expect any awards play to come of this, but there’s a chance that this one will have legs. Summer counter programming is starting to be in full force now. The biopic of rapper Tupac Shakur was solidly at number three for the weekend.

Previous box office champ “Wonder Woman” moved down to number two, taking in another $40.7 million. Domestically it’s at about $274.6 million, though globally the half billion mark has been cracked. Other blockbusters will put this one further down, but DC and Warner Brothers are undoubtedly thrilled with its performance. It was never going to hold off “Cars 3,” though the numbers this weekend are top notch, regardless.

Shark attack flick “47 Meters Down” could only take an $11.5 million bite out of the box office. That one came in at number five. “Rough Night” had a rough opening, just taking in a shade over $8 million and hitting seventh place for the weekend. Both movies should expect to have quick exits from the multiplex. In addition, neither film was looked at for breakout opening, so this isn’t a huge surprise.

Among smaller releases, “The Book of Henry” caught some dismal reviews and could only amass $1.4 million, keeping it out of the top ten. Additionally, some have even cited this a future cult or midnight movie. Calls for Colin Trevorrow to be stripped of future “Star Wars” directing duties have already begun, though people need to calm down. Seriously. Furthermore, the scope of these projects couldn’t be more different. Relax and don’t lose hope about the still to be filmed flick.

This week, the new releases of note will include “The Beguiled,” “The Big Sick,” and “Transformers: The Last Knight“.

Tell us: Did you see “Cars 3” this weekend? What about “47 Meters Down,” “All Eyez on Me,” “The Book of Henry,” or “Rough Night“? Comment below or join the message boards!