‘Wonder Woman’ Officially Becomes Top Grossing Female Directed Live Action Film

The huge success that is DC and Warner Brother’s “Wonder Woman” added another feather in its cap yesterday. Yes, now the superhero movie is officially the highest grossing live action film directed by a woman. While it’s a shame that we still have these gender specifications needed, it’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully Hollywood will take notice and remember that your sexual organs don’t dictate whether you can be a blockbuster filmmaker. That should go without saying, but that’s the world we currently live in. Anyway, Patty Jenkins just did something well worth celebrating, especially since the flick is so good.

At some point Friday, the film surpassed the $609.8 million mark previously held by “Mama Mia,” directed by Phyllida Lloyd. Domestically alone, “Wonder Woman” is at over $300 million, so this is an even bigger success story than DC and WB had hoped for. There’s more to come too, as this runaway train won’t be slowing down just yet. Kudos to Jenkins, who deserves a lot of credit for finally cracking the code for this comic book character. Congrats!

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