Ansel Elgort To Play Young JFK


Slowly but surely, Ansel Elgort is moving up towards the ranks of the A list. After getting his start with the “Divergent” franchise, he’s made one interesting choice after the next. From “Men, Women, & Children” to “The Fault in Our Stars,” all the way to this week’s “Baby Driver” (our review here), Elgort hasn’t been easy to pin down. Now, he might be moving towards prestige projects, with a chance to play a former President.

Deadline is now reporting that Elgort has been cast as a young John F. Kennedy in the film “Mayday 109“. The movie will center on a World War II era JFK, during his time as a Navy captain. The infamous PT 109 rescue is one of Kennedy’s formative early moments and has already been dramatized on film in 1963’s “PT 109“. There, Cliff Robertson played JFK. Now, it’s Elgort’s turn to portray Kennedy. Depending on how this comes together, perhaps there’s a chance that it’ll put Elgort into awards contention? We shall see.

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