Gillian Anderson Points Out Huge Issue With ‘The X-Files’ Writers Room

“The X-Files” is coming back to Fox for its eleventh season, and its writing room is a boy’s club. The writing team, all alumni of “The X-Files” franchise, does not have a single female writer among the bunch. The Washington Post, who broke the story, notes that the move is expected, as producer Chris Carter (“The X-Files”) picked the writers himself. TV writers tend to rise through the ranks, which tend to block women from achieving higher writing positions. With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that the writers room ended up being a men’s club. Still, the decision is disappointing, especially for one of “The X-Files” main stars.

Gillian Anderson (“The Fall”) who plays Dana Scully, the skeptical badass who saves Fox Mulder’s behind just as much as he saves hers, took issue with the situation. After all, the sci-fi cult hit follows a Sherlock-Watson truth-seeking duo. There is always one female and one male partner, one skeptic and one believer. Why employ writers who can only understand one side of the proverbial coin?

Anderson has participated in the discussion surrounding gender equality in Hollywood as this story develops. Via her Facebook page, Anderson has shared articles by The Washington Post and ET. Anderson commented on the Washington Post article, saying, “And 2 out of 207 eps directed by women. I too look forward to the day when the numbers are different. #TheFutureisFemale.”

Furthermore, she held fast to her stance when addressing ET’s article, titled “Gillian Anderson Slams The ‘The X-Files’ For Reportedly Hiring An All-Male Writing Team”, commenting, “Not ‘slam’, not ‘rip’, just stating truth. I believe we can do better. #TheXFiles.” By the way, Anderson was one of those two directors, directing Season 7 episode “All Things.”

This is not the first gender equality issue that has come up with “The X-Files” reboot. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Anderson revealed she had been offered half the salary of what her costar, David Duchovny, was offered. The issue was eventually resolved, and Anderson received the same salary as her costar. But the offer was surely an insult to the “X-Files” alumnus.

“The X-Files'” is set to begin production sometime this summer, according to The Washington Post.

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