‘Top Gun’ Sequel Has A Director and Premiere Date


Do you feel the need for speed? Tom Cruise does, and he’s coming back to “Top Gun” raring to go. Deadline reports that the film has just secured a director for Paramount Pictures’ “Top Gun” sequel, which premieres July 12, 2019. Joseph Kosinski, who has previously directed Cruise in “Oblivion,” will be directing the action flick. Jerry Bruckheimer (“Two and a Half Men), who produced the original “Top Gun,” is set to produce the sequel. The script for the “Top Gun” sequel was written by Peter Craig (“Hunger Games: Mockingjay”) and Justin Marks (“The Jungle Book”) along with Ashley Miller (“Thor”) and Zack Stentz (“Thor”). The film was going to be directed by original “Top Gun” director Tony Scott, but he passed away before the film could go into production.

Notably, the film will not be called “Top Gun 2,” as Cruise didn’t want the title of the film to include a number. Instead, the sequel will be titled “Top Gun: Maverick,” after Cruise’s character’s name. According to Deadline, the film’s plot focuses once again on Cruise’s Maverick, who is now a flight instructor training new pilots who want to take to the skies. No word yet on who those young pilots will be.

The “Top Gun” sequel is set to premiere July 12, 2019. Cruise has confirmed that filming will begin as early as next year.

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