Will the Death Star Appear in the Upcoming Untitled Han Solo Film?

Will the young Han Solo be taking on the Death Star? “Star Wars” fans are speculating over the newest photo released from the untitled Han Solo prequel movie set. Ron Howard (“A Beautiful Mind”), who’s taken over directing the untitled Han Solo film, posted a new pic via Twitter Wednesday morning. Take a peek below.

In the photo, a shiny black Imperial helmet- which looks like a Death Star trooper’s helmet- rests on a blaster. Howard captioned the pic with “The Empire Looms Large.” According to EW, the control panel the gear is placed on on resembles the same console older Han blasts to pieces while rescuing Princess Leia from the Death Star in “Star Wars- A New Hope.” This has been the first indication that the Death Star will even appear in the “Star Wars” prequel.

The filmmaking process has not been an easy task. The production made headlines after original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (“The Lego Movie”) were axed after an ongoing dispute with the film’s screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”). Howard came on to finish up the flick, the cast was still shaken by the firing, which occurred only 3 1/2 weeks before principal photography was to end. Donald Glover (“Atlanta”), who plays a young Lando Calrissian, said “[felt] like I was the baby in the divorce” after the switch-out; he was also nervous about working with a new director, since Lord and Miller were the ones to cast him.

The film also stars Emilia Clark (“Game of Thrones”), Woody Harrelson (“The Glass Castle”), Thandie Newton (“Westworld”) and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (“Crashing”), among others. Alden Ehrenreich (“Beautiful Creatures”) helms the movie as a young Han Solo.

The untitled Han Solo film premieres May 25, 2018.

Do you think a young Han will be taking on the Death Star in his solo film? Let us know in the comments below!