Venice Film Festival: ‘Downsizing’ Strikes Big in Early Reviews

The 74th Venice Film Festival opened Wednesday evening with a screening of the highly anticipated Alexander Payne film, “Downsizing.”

The film tells the story of a near-future existence in which scientists have invented a procedure to shrink people down in order to save dwindling natural resources.

Reviews started rolling out as soon as the credits began.

Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that “Downsizing” is:

Captivating, funny and possessed of a surprise-filled zig-zag structure that makes it impossible to anticipate where it’s headed, this is a deeply humane film that, like the best Hollywood classics, feels both entirely of its moment and timeless. It was a risky roll of the dice, but one that hits the creative jackpot.

Owen Gleiberman of Variety calls it “the most whimsically outlandish film of Payne’s career.” While he said it becomes too much at times, he also said it is “a ticklish and resonant crowd-pleaser for grown-ups.”

Other Venice Film Festival attendees took to Twitter to share their excitement over the film:

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has yet to weigh in on the fictional shrinking of his long-time nemesis.

Paramount Pictures released the first teaser trailer on Wednesday.

“Downsizing” will be in theaters on December 22.

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Tell us: Were you among the audience that saw “Downsizing” in Venice? If so, what did you think? Comment below!