Announces HALLOWEEN MADNESS 2017!


Welcome back everyone to Halloween Madness 2017! Last year, our readers voted on the best horror films of all time. Our final came down to Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” vs. “The Exorcist” in a battle of horror classics. “The Shining” took home the prize, but it was a very close race to the finish. With so many great horror movies on the table, there were certainly many directions we could take year 2 of Halloween Madness, a spin-off from our Circuit Madness series. This year, we decided to look at perhaps the most iconic aspect of these films. Welcome to Halloween Madness 2017: Monsters.

The definition of what constitutes a monster was a tough one from the onset. Which ones do you take on? Which ones do you exclude? We made some calls pretty early on, so here is some of my logic when constructing the bracket.

  1. The Movie has to feel like something you’d watch during Halloween

To keep the spirit of running the contest during Halloween, I wanted to make sure that the films in question are ones you’d watch during the Halloween season. This was a sticking point for some films because they are not all traditional Halloween films. One of the genres that was especially tough to balance out were “thriller” films. For example, do we include films like “Fatal Attraction,” “Misery,” “Jaws,” or ” “Se7en” when they aren’t explicitly horror films? The answer was yes for these films, leading us to another question.

2. Do we count humans as monsters?

It’s a tough call. It’s not exactly kosher to call Annie Wilkes or Alex Forrest a monster because they aren’t really evil. That said, they do despicable things that are no doubt monstrous. Boiling a rabbit alive? That’s serial killer behavior. Holding a man prisoner for months and killing a police officer? Also pretty terrible. While the two are misguided in their passions, they cross a line from normal human behavior and become terrifying in their best moments. For that reason alone, their peak level of horror makes them iconic villains that should be discussed with the John Does and Buffalo Bills of cinema.

3. No Giant Animals

There’s no doubt that we could have filled this list with some iconic movie monsters that are simply enormous. For example, Godzilla and King Kong could make excellent entries. However, they also aren’t really horror films either. The original “King Kong” makes a claim as one, but is ultimately an action and adventure film. Kaiju films have their own subgenre. However, at what point do we begin to count all giant animal movies? More often than not, these films aren’t horror films, so we let them pass in our Halloween competition.

Alright, with all of this in tow, here are the seedings for Halloween Madness 2017.

The Craven Division

  1. Xenomorphs- Alien Franchise
  2. Norman Bates- “Psycho”
  3. “Romero Zombies” – The Night of the Living Dead Series
  4. Count Orlok- “Nosferatu”
  5. Buffalo Bill – “Silence of the Lambs”
  6. The Babadook – “The Babadook”
  7. Bride of Frankenstein – “The Bride of Frankenstein”
  8. Alex Forrest – “Fatal Attraction”
  9. Blair Witch – “The Blair Witch Project”
  10. Audrey II – “Little Shop of Horrors”
  11. Helena – “Susperia”
  12. The Sanderson Sisters – “Hocus Pocus”
  13. Vote In
  14. Cesare – “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”
  15. The Buckner Family – “Cabin in the Woods”
  16. The Candyman – “The Candyman”

The Lugosi Division

  1. Hannibal Lecter- “The Silence of the Lambs”
  2. Regan/Pazuzu- “The Exorcist”
  3. The Thing – “The Thing”
  4. Frankenstein’s Monster- “Frankenstein”
  5. Predator – “Predator”
  6. John Doe – “Se7en”
  7. Annie Wilkes – “Misery”
  8. The Pale Man – “Pan’s Labyrinth”
  9. David/The Werewolf – “An American Werewolf in Paris”
  10. The Infected – “28 Days Later”
  11. Zhul – “Ghostbusters”
  12. Bathsheba- “The Conjuring”
  13. Vote In
  14. Gamush – “Drag Me to Hell”
  15. Critters – “Critters”
  16. The Birds – “The Birds”

The Hitchcock Division

  1. Leatherface – “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
  2. Michael Myers – “Halloween”
  3. The Deadites – The Evil Dead Trilogy
  4. Ghostface – “Scream”
  5. Chucky – “Child’s Play”
  6. The Shark – “Jaws”
  7. Brundlefly – “The Fly”
  8. Gill-Man – “The Creature From the Black Lagoon”
  9. Samara – “The Ring”
  10. Stripe – “Gremlins”
  11. The Beast- “Poltergeist”
  12. The Crawlers – “The Descent”
  13. Vote In
  14. Eli – “Let the Right One In”
  15. Asamai Yamazaki – “Audition”
  16. Pumpkinhead – “Pumpkinhead”

The Carpenter Division

  1. Freddy Krueger- The Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise
  2. Jack Torrence – “The Shining”
  3. Jason Vorhees- Friday the 13th Franchise
  4. Dracula – “Dracula”
  5. Jigasw – “Saw”
  6. The Cult – “Rosemary’s Baby”
  7. Carrie – “Carrie”
  8. Damien- “The Omen”
  9. Pinhead – “Hellraiser”
  10. The Wolf Man – “The Wolf Man”
  11. Imotep – “The Mummy”
  12. The Lip-Stick Faced Demons – “Insidious”
  13. Vote In
  14. Gweomul – “The Host”
  15. Bagul – “Sinister”
  16. The Phantom – “The Phantom of the Opera”

We’re opening up the vote-ins today! We’re giving you 4 picks each, and we’re leaving an opening for you to submit your own. If you submit one that is not already included, tweet @theAlanFrench and I’ll add the write-ins into the competition.

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What do you think? Who do you think can win Halloween Madness 2017? Which vote-ins do you want to push into the competition? Let us hear in the comments below! 

The Vote-In voting ends on Septemeber 17th, 2017. Vote for the 1st round opens on September 18th.