FIRST LOOK: First Image at David Harbour as Hellboy Hits Twitter

David Harbour (“Stranger Things”) has just released the first image of himself as the cat-loving, cigar smoking hero on Twitter. Harbour’s tweet was quickly deleted, according to CNet, but Hellboy’s official Twitter account reposted the image with the caption “Holy crap.” Same, official “Hellboy” Twitter account, same. Harbour’s a close match to Ron Perlman’s beloved take on Hellboy, which bodes well for the upcoming remake, “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen.”

A quick look at Perlman’s Hellboy, just to jog your memory.

Mike Mignola’s famous comic book character was originally brought to the silver screen by director Guillermo del Toro in 2004, which a follow-up sequel “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army” hitting theaters in 2008. The comic book creator revealed last May that a reboot was on its way, starring Harbour as the titular badass. Andrew Cosby (“Eureka”), Christopher Golden (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and Mignola wrote the new film’s screenplay, another encouraging sign that the reboot will live up to expectations.

Neil Marshall (“Game of Thrones”) is set to direct, with Milla Jovovich (“Resident Evil” series) as baddie Nimue the Blood Queen. Ian McShane (“American Gods”), Sasha Lane (“American Honey”) and Penelope Mitchell (“Hemlock Grove”) have already been secured for the film. Daniel Dae Kim (“Hawaii Five-0”) is currently in talks to come on board to play Major Ben Daimio after a whitewashing controversy caused Ed Skrein to back out of the role.

There’s no precise premiere date for “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen,” but it’s currently set for release in 2018. Take another look at Harbour’s Hellboy look below.

What do you think of Harbour’s look as Hellboy? Does it live up to Perlman’s legacy? Let us know in the comments below!