Halloween Madness: Monsters Round 1 Open! Vote Now!

It’s time to vote on the first round of Halloween Madness 2017! Before we get started, we’re going to introduce our write-in candidates for the 13th seeds. Then we’ll open up the voting to our readers! Let’s jump right in.

The first vote-in was an obvious candidate given the time that we’ve started the voting. With “It” dominating the box office to unprecedented levels, there was little doubt that the monster clown Pennywise would have any trouble getting in. He easily grabs a spot and will face off against 4 seed Dracula (1931) in the first round.

Our second vote-in contender also comes from a recent smash hit. The creature from “It Follows” is terrifying and works brilliantly as a literal and figurative monster. Known as The Entity, the creature sneaks its way into our competition with ease. It will face off against Ghostface in the Hitchcock division.

Our third vote-in monster comes from “The Conjuring” franchise. Annabelle first showed up as one of the creepiest dolls in the film in 2013. The character proved so popular that two spin-off films about “Annabelle” have found their way into theaters. The most recent film, “Annabelle: Creation,” made over $290 million worldwide this past summer. She’s a popular character and looks to find her way to theaters again soon.

The last monster to enter our competition is none other than Black Philip. The creature is visually portrayed as a black goat. However, as “The Witch” unfolds, it turns out he is far more sinister. While the witches in the film are frightening, Philip sticks with you long after the film has ended. After all, how often has the devil murdered a grown man as a goat?

Now it’s time to get into our voting! Rather than simply putting all the matchups below, we’re splitting them up by division for your ease. Let’s get started!


Who do you want to see crowned Halloween Madness champion in 2017? Let us hear in comments below!

Voting for the Round of 64 will close on September 24th!