Halloween Madness Round 3 Open for Voting!

Welcome back to Halloween Madness 2017! We’ve had two great rounds so far with a lot of close matches so far. With two rounds down, we’re getting into the best rounds of the competition. We’ll review the 2nd round results before we open up the vote, so if you’re here to vote, scroll to the bottom of the article. First up, a recap of round 2!

Round 2 Halloween Madness 2017 Results

Carpenter Division

Let’s jump straight into the round 2 results! First up, the Carpenter Division. The early favorite in the division is #1 seed, Freddy Krueger. He was able to dispatch of Damien from “The Omen” in a 70% to 30% win. However, his next round looks to be a potential upset opportunity. Vote-in favorite Pennywise easily took care of the more established #5 seed Jigsaw, with the same 70% to 30% victory. Pennywise versus Krueger should be an interesting matchup between a modern favorite and a horror icon.

Speaking of icons, Jason Vorhees found himself in a tougher than expected match against The Cult from “Rosemary’s Baby.” Jason won out in the end, but with the weakest victory in the division at 58% to 42%. The last matchup of the round was Jack Torrence, who topped “Carrie” in a 63% to 37% victory.

Craven Division

The Craven Division kicked off with a beatdown from its #1 seed. The Xenomorphs from the “Alien” films crushed The Blair Witch, 77% to 23%. Norman Bates was also quick to take care of his opponent. While The Bride of Frankenstein is an icon, Norman slashed through her fans, winning with an 83% to 17% victory.

While the Xenomorphs and Norman took easy wins, there were a couple upsets in this bracket. First up, 5 seed Buffalo Bill knocked out 4 seed Count Orlok, 61% to 39%. It was surprising to see the iconic villain from “Nosferatu” take a loss this early, especially to the secondary villain of a film. That said, “Silence of the Lambs” is iconic in its own right, and may foreshadow Hannibal Lecter‘s strength later in the tournament.

The second big upset of the bracket came with The Babadook taking down George A. Romero’s Zombies, 59% to 41%.The internet has fully embraced the Babadook in a very surprising way, and the creature has continues to rise as a pop culture figure. While the Zombies from “Night of the Living Dead” are iconic, their shifting abilities between the films may have hurt their case against the dark and creepy Babadook.

Lugosi Division

Once again, the #1 easily took care of their competition. Hannibal Lecter cruised past The Pale Man, 83% to 17%. The same can be said about the iconic movie monster, Frankenstein’s Monster. The creature sprinted past 80’s icon, The Predator, taking the match 70% to 30%. The other two matches were two of our closest matches yet.

female villainsFirst up was Regan/Pazuzu against Annie Wilkes from “Misery.” While Regan is the star of our runner-up in last year’s Halloween Madness, Annie Wilkes has only increased in popularity during the last decade. The battle between the two was very close, but Regan held out over Annie Wilkes, with a 55% to 45% victory.

Our closest match of the round was between The Thing and John Doe. While John Doe has certainly captured the attention of those who favor serial killer villains. At the same time, The Thing remains a practical effects marvel. The matchup between the two was decided by a single vote, something we had a lot of last year. This time, The Thing proved victorious, sealing a 51% to 49% victory.

Hitchcock Division

Last up is the Hitchcock division, which turned out to be the most one-sided division of all. There weren’t any close matches in this group, but we still got an upset. The only upset in the division was between The Shark and The Deadites, with the lower ranked Shark grabbing 73% of the vote. The Deadites drastically underperformed in the round, but this has as much to do with the low initial ranking given to Bruce than their performance.

The rest of the matches went chalk. Michael Myers crushed Brundlefly, 79% to 21%. Ghostface took a 30 point win over Chucky, 65% to 35%. Finally, Leatherface won by 34% over Samara, 67% to 33%. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the results is we get the ultimate face-off between Ghostface and Leatherface in the next round.

Voting on Round 3 is now open! 

With our results tabulated and reported, it’s time to jump into round 3! In the Sweet 16, we have some amazing icons spread throughout. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the round is how many variations on the monster we have left. Regardless, it’s looking like we’re in for a fun finale.

With only a few rounds left, predict your final four below!  Who did you pick? What’s your matchup of the round? Let us hear below!

Voting for Round 3 closes on October 12th! The Elite 8 will open on October 13th, so stay tuned for the results.