2017 Halloween Madness Champion is Crowned!


After a fun holiday season, it’s time to officially crown our champion for Halloween Madness 2017! It was a fun year, full of monsters and frights, but in the end, we had two completely different finalists than last year. It is fun to get a new batch of finalists, but it’s even better to crown the champ. Before we do that, we’ll take a quick look at the road here, before we announce our winner.

Norman Bates– “Psycho” (1960)

Norman Bates is one of the iconic classic horror villains but his road to the champion showcased wins against new and classic monsters. He cruised through the first round, beating The Buckner Family from “Cabin in the Woods” by more than 70 points. He then murdered Bride of Frankenstein by more than 60 points. In truly dominant fashion, he wiped the floor with The Babadook, who had knocked out some tough competition in its own right. His Elite Eight and Final Four wins are perhaps the most impressive. Bates sliced my predicted winner, the Xenomorphs, taking out one of the toughest monsters in film history. Finally, he took out 80’s icon Freddy Krueger in the Final Four, paving his way to the final.

Hannibal Lecter– “Silence of the Lambs” (1991)

Lecter had a tough push late in the competition, but early on he blew out his competition. Still, the resume was extremely impressive. In the first couple rounds, he knocked out The Birds and The Pale Man by more than 60 points in each round. After coasting into the Sweet 16, it eliminated the last of the Universal Classic Horror Monsters, knocking out Frankenstein’s Monster by 50 points. The Elite 8 showed its competition tighten up, with a tough match against Regan/Pazuzu. His Final Four matchup against Michael Myers put a button on what was a tough run, but extremely impressive from start to finish.

Championship Match

With their respective roads laid out, who will be our winner. In another close match, we had Norman Bates take on Hannibal Lecter. With 54% of the final vote, Hannibal Lecter takes home the crown as our greatest monster! While Norman Bates had a good run, it just wasn’t enough to hold off Lecter. There were times in the vote where Bates had the lead, but a nice run by Lecter in the closing days decided our champion.

Thanks again to all the readers of Awards Circuit! We literally couldn’t run this competition without you! Keep an eye out as we begin to move into Academy Idol later this month, as well as ACCA 2017.  Get ready as the Awards Season gears up!

What do you think of our winner? What other Halloween Madness categories would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below!