Taylor Sheridan Takes Back Control of ‘Wind River’


Taylor Sheridan is back in control of his film, “Wind River,” Acacia Entertainment announced in a statement.

In the continued fallout of dozens of allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Acacia Entertainment immediately began looking for other options. “Wind River” was a critical success this summer, and was on the path toward potential awards this season. Ties to The Weinstein Company, however, put all of that in jeopardy.

The Weinstein Company distributed the film and had already begun laying out the awards campaign when Harvey Weinstein was forced out. As the company now reevaluates their next steps, and possibly finding a buyer for their impressive catalog, Sheridan was determined to get control over his film.

“Wind River” will now be financed by the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana. According to the company’s statement, all future income from the film “will be donated to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, a charity for battered Native American Women.”

Acacia’s statement included the following quote from Sheridan about the importance of “Wind River”:

“At its best, film allows an audience to learn from an experience without the burden of having to endure it,” says writer/director Taylor Sheridan.  “’Wind River’ holds a mirror to an ignored epidemic raging through this nation — the exploitation of women. Nowhere is that epidemic more acute than on this nation’s Indian reservations. Through tremendous sacrifice by all involved in this production, and great trust given me by the Tunica-Biloxi tribe — a trust they have extended to wrest control of this film from a perpetrator of the very violence this film highlights — we have all endeavored to paint an accurate and empathetic picture of one of my nation’s great shames — its apathy toward the original inhabitants of this country.

Sheridan continues: “As an artist, I am beholden to the responsibility that comes with storytelling — hold the mirror to our world, and do not flinch at the reflection. Meaningful change only comes from telling the truth of what one sees.”

The film is currently available from Lionsgate on Amazon Video, iTunes, DVD and Blu-ray. There is no word yet on whether “Wind River” will get an awards season theatrical re-release.

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