Ridley Scott’s ‘All The Money In The World’ Premiere Moves to Christmas Day

Ridley Scott’s “All The Money In The World” has moved its premiere to an even bigger spotlight: Christmas Day. According to Deadline, the film’s release has moved to Dec. 25 as it’s the biggest opening day of the year, and also gives the biopic some breathing room from Hugh Jackman’s “The Greatest Showman,” which moved to Dec. 20.

Scott has already finished reshooting the action thriller, which found itself in hot water when former star Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”) was accused of sexual misconduct.  Scott, in agreement with the cast and crew, cut Spacey from the film and brought everyone back to reshoot his scenes with Hollywood legend Christopher Plummer (“Up”). The director has already locked the film once more and had “All the Money In The World” ready for the screening last week for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association just before they voted on Golden Globe nominations. The trailers with Spacey included have also been pulled from rotation, replaced with Plummer’s take on the infamous oil tycoon.

The films follows the real story of the kidnapping and ransom of J. Paul Getty’s grandson, with Michelle Williams (“Manchester By the Sea”) and Mark Wahlberg (“The Fighter”) starring as Getty’s distraught daughter-in-law and an ex-spy who now works as Getty’s security advisor. Plummer has stepped up to replace Spacey as Getty, the modern-day Scrooge who refused to pay the ransom for his grandson’s life.

“All The Money In The World” will premiere Dec. 25. Watch the official trailer (with Plummer) below.

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