Academy Idol 11 Top 12: Music Week Begins!

three billboards outside ebbing, missouri

Back for another edition of Academy Idol! We’re going to quickly run through the results of week 1, and then jump into the voting for Academy Idol 11 Top 12 voting! First up, the results of last week. With a lot of the early precursors in the books, from regional critics to the BFCA, the race has begun to take shape. The first week of Academy Idol was based on those results, so let’s see how the readers voted.

Our Top 3, Bottom 3 showcased some films that got a lot of love, and some films still struggling to find their footing. The Top 3 in week 1 were “Lady Bird,” “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and “Call Me By Your Name.” While “Three Billboards” struggled at first, several groups came in to give the film a boost as the week went on. Our overall leader in this round was “Lady Bird,” who has already captured the honor twice this season.

The bottom 3 was fairly tight coming into the last few days of voting. They all shared space at the bottom at some point in the voting, so they all look fairly vulnerable at this stage. Our bottom 3 this week includes “The Post,” “Mudbound,” and “Wonder Woman.” All 3 received some nominations this week, but all need a lot of love moving forward to be serious contenders. That said, one has to go home this week, and unfortunately, “Mudbound” is our first film to drop. Dee Rees‘ film was hot out the gate on the festival circuit, but now that the critics have begun to weigh in, it feels like the campaign needs a jump start. It’ll be interesting to see if it gets turned around in the weeks to come.

With last week’s results away, it’s time to jump into our Top 12. This week is Music Week! We’re asking you to comment below about your favorite musical moments of the year for these films, whether they used score, original music, or pre-existing songs. Many of the films here use music extremely effectively, so let us hear your favorite musical moments from the Academy Idol competitors! You get 8 votes this round, so make it count!

What do you think? Which musical moments from the Academy Idol 11 field stood out to you? Which have the best scores or soundtracks? Let us hear in the comments below! 

Academy Idol 11 Top 12: Music Week Voting will conclude on December 15th. Voting for the Top 11 will begin on December 18th.