Academy Idol 11: Voting Opens for Cinematography Week!


Welcome back to Academy Idol 11! We’ve dropped another film from our competition, though the voting was close once again. We’re now diving into Cinematography week, so get ready for plenty of artistic shots in the post below. Before we jump into the breakdown of our remaining films, let’s start with the results from the Top 12.

First up, we have a strong top three that has emerged from the pack. Once again, “Lady Bird,” “The Shape of Water,” and “Call Me By Your Name” have taken the top three slots. While “Lady Bird” has already taken home the prize twice, “Call Me By Your Name” captured the most votes. The film may have a potential nomination on the horizon in original song (two songs made the top 70), and “Mystery of Love” could contend for the win.

Unfortunately, we also have to send a film home. Two films from our bottom three last week found their way to the bottom again. “Wonder Woman” and the “The Post” continue to struggle to gain a footing in this competition. Another superhero film joins them in the bottom, with “Logan” also falling into the bottom three. Only five votes separated all three films, but one of these does have to head home. While the film is still considered by many to be a Best Picture contender, “The Post” will not be returning to Academy Idol. Spielberg continues to struggle in Academy Idol, with “Lincoln” representing his best finish (7th place).

For the next round of Academy Idol, we’re left with 11 films that all have some marvelous cinematography. Rather than editorialize and push a direction for readers to look, we’ve included stills from the films below. While picking these shots may be subjective in some form, we hope that you are able to draw inspiration in your voting.

“Blade Runner 2049” – DP Roger Deakins

“Call Me By Your Name” – DP Sayombhu Mukdeeprom

“Dunkirk” – DP Hoyte Van Hoytema

“Get Out”- DP Toby Oliver

“Lady Bird” – DP Sam Levy

“Logan” – DP John Mathieson

“Phantom Thread” – DP Paul Thomas Anderson

“The Disaster Artist” – DP Brandon Trost

“The Shape of Water” – DP Dan Lautsen

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” – DP Ben Davis

“Wonder Woman”- Matthew Jensen

What do you think? Which films are you supporting in this round? Let us hear in the comments below! 

Academy Idol 11: Top 11 closes voting on December 23rd. Voting for the Top 10 on December 26th.