Academy Idol Top 10: Double Elimination Week


Welcome back to another round of Academy Idol 11! This week, Academy Idol 11 drops from 10 films to 8. It’s time to start pushing the films you have true passion for, and it’s going to be an interesting round. Before we jump into the next round, let’s review the last round, where we pitted our cinematographers against each other.

First up, our Top 3 last week. In the Round of 11, we had a few familiar faces. Again, our top 3 consists of “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri,” “The Shape of Water,” and “Call Me By Your Name.” The 3 films have already appeared in our top 3, and “Call Me By Your Name” is coming off a win last week. However, it won’t repeat. Instead, cinematography week goes to “The Shape of Water” and Dan Laustsen‘s incredible work. It’s very strong work, and currently ranks 2nd on Clayton’s predictions.

Unfortunately, we have to send home another film from our competition. Our bottom 3 films this week are “Logan,” “Phantom Thread” and “The Disaster Artist.” Each film features some very strong work, so we’re left with sending home another great cinematographer. The film going home this week is the one unseen by most of America. “Phantom Thread” was separated by the other two in the bottom by a considerable margin, and one could attribute this to its limited release.

With our latest film eliminated, let’s jump into the next round. We’re starting to tighten up the race, so this week we’re going to have a DOUBLE ELIMINATION week. To force our readers to choose their favorite, each reader gets 5 votes this week. With 10 films left, these votes are valuable, so make sure you vote with passion.

What do you think? Which movies will you be championing this round? Let us hear in the comments below! 

Voting for this Round of Academy Idol concludes on January 6th. The next round will open on January 8th.